Enjoy a warm weather hike at Farview

No snow, no leaves mean wide-open views.

Take advantage of the warm February weather in one of Laketown Township’s parks.

Farview Park, 6257 138th Ave., is 87 acres that includes two ponds, low dunes, wetlands, woods and a meadow. The main trail and around the Big Pond is about 2 miles but take time to explore the other trails.

The snow is mostly gone – there was a thin layer of ice on the Big Pond on Wednesday, Feb. 21 – and the leaves are still off the branches so the views around the park are amazing. Watch for some muddy areas along the trail especially on the south end of the Big Pond.

For more on the park and map of the trails, visit https://laketowntwp.org/township-parks/fairview-nature-park/