Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a burn permit?

Call the Graafschap Fire Department, (616) 396-4060, on the day you are going to burn. There is no fee for a burn permit. You will receive verbal approval, unless weather and dryness conditions prohibit safe burning. If you live in a subdivision in Laketown Township, you may burn on odd days only.

Where do I vote?

For answers regarding voting, see our Voter and Election Information page.

Where do I get a dog license?

A dog license is available through Allegan County. You may do this via mail. See the Dog License Application Form. Dog licenses are not available directly from the township office, although you may pick up an application for a dog license at the township office.

When is the next township board meeting?

The Laketown Township Board of Trustees meets the second Wednesday of every month at 6 p.m. at the township office. The board has a workshop at 5 p.m. the first Wednesday of each month at the township office.

Is cable hook-up available in Laketown?

Charter Communications (877.728.3814) is available in the northern part of the township, and Comcast (800.266.2278). Comcast fiber is available throughout most of the township. Contact these companies for further information.

When does the township office close? 

The Laketown Township office is closed for all major holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Memorial Day, Labor Day and the 4th of July.

Where can I get a township map?

The street index for Laketown Township is available at the township office. Click here for a pdf version

How can I pay a parking ticket? 

A parking ticket received in Laketown Township can be paid by check in the mail, credit card over the phone, or any payment method in person. The yellow parking ticket received can be used as an envelope and already is addressed to the Laketown Parking Bureau. Be aware an unpaid parking ticket fine will double if not paid within 10 business days of the ticket being issued. Do NOT accidentally pay a parking ticket issued by Laketown Township to Holland Township or the City of Holland. We are not connected to them.

How do I pay my taxes?

The township has several ways to handle tax payments – send a check in the mail, stop in the township hall or pay online (there is a fee attached to all credit/debit card payments). Click here for complete information.

What can I build on my property? 

Each property can have unique characteristics that impact what and where structures can be built and located on property. Check out the Ordinances & Legal Notices tab on the Home page for a link to township ordinances. Contact Michelle Sall, community development director, at (616) 335-3050 or email her at

What is my zoning?

A zoning map is available under the Planning Commission category or click here.

What can I do about invasives on my property? 

The township does not treat invasives on private property. For guidance, contact the Outdoor Discovery Center at (616) 393-9453 or visit

How do I get a building permit?

Permits are available under the Building Permits & Other Forms category as well as at the township hall. Contact Michelle Sall, community development director, at (616) 335-3050 or email her at

How do I rent the Felt Mansion? 

Contact The Felt Estate at (616) 335-8982 or email For more information, visit

How can I get the grass near the road mowed? 

The Allegan County Road Commission maintains the shoulder of public roads. Contact the road commission at (269) 673-2184.

How can I get my road snowplowed?

The Allegan County Road Commission maintains all public roads. Contact the road commission at (269) 673-2184. For private roads, contact your homeowners association.

What can I do about my mailbox getting hit by the snow plow?

Contact the Allegan County Road Commission at (269) 673-2184.

How can I volunteer in the township?

Laketown Township welcomes volunteers. Contact the township at (616) 335-3050, or email

How do I learn about the short-term rental policy? 

Permits and information are available under Rental Unit Applications & Information. For more information, call Michelle Sall, community development director, at (616) 335-3050 or email her at

Where can I find the section for forms?

A complete list of online forms is available under the header Building Permits & Other Forms.