Graafschap Fire Department (for emergencies, call 911)

Serving Laketown and Fillmore Townships

The Graafschap Fire Department is always ready to assist in a fire or safety emergency.  But another important part of our job as fire-fighters is awareness of fire safety and fire prevention.  Extinguishing fires is a necessary part of our job — but preventing fire injuries, deaths, and property loss in the first place is equally important to us. We serve you — the residents of Laketown and Fillmore and the surrounding area — and we want to make this year our safest year ever. Here’s the link to the National Fire Protection Association.

Graafschap Fire Department non-emergency phone number: (616) 396-4060

The Fire Chief is Doug DenBleyker. To contact him, call the fire department 616-396-4060, or email him at

GFD Team

Doug DenBleyker – Fire Chief
Email the Fire Chief
Mike Capel – Deputy Chief
Email the Deputy Chief
Dave Grumney – Captain
Email the Captain
Tom Dykstra – Captain
Todd Achterhof – Captain
Chad DeJonge – Sergeant
Brandon Nagelkirk – Sergeant
Zoann Hallam – Firefighter
Josh Williams – Firefighter
Jim Boullosa – Firefighter
Brock Lovell – Firefighter
Bretton Prins – Firefighter
Blake Stewart – Firefighter
Ben Draper – Firefighter
Aiden Pathuis – Firefighter
Jacob Infante – Firefighter

Our Fire Board Members

Laketown Twp
Linda Howell
Gary Dewey

Fillmore Twp
Tim Hofman
Bob Yonker

We are accepting applications for on-call, part-time firefighters/EMTs. No experience needed, but certainly preferred. All training provided by GFD.

Visit our Photo Gallery to see pictures of happenings at or sponsored by GFD

Did you know you can order a reflective address sign through the Graafschap Fire Department? The cost is $20 and you can get started by filling out the online form.

The Latest Happenings at the Fire Department

Graafschap Fire Department activity for March, April
Fire Department

Graafschap Fire Department activity for March, April

May 10, 2024
Reports include fire, medical, rescue calls.
New fire dep’t website keeping residents informed
Fire Department

New fire dep’t website keeping residents informed

April 2, 2024
Staff, safety programs, employment are features on the new Graafschap Fire Department site.
Fire department using grant to teach AED use
Community Fire Department

Fire department using grant to teach AED use

March 19, 2024
Community Enhancement Program gives $3,377 to Graafschap Fire Department to help the community.
Videos preserving township history now available online
Community History

Videos preserving township history now available online

March 18, 2024
Laketown Oral History Project talks to residents about local history.
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Smoke Detectors Save Lives. We can help you get one.

No home should be without them. Please contact the fire department if you are (or know of someone who is) in need of smoke detectors. We will be happy to assist you.

Burn Permits

Burn permits are required for any open fires in Laketown Township. The area west of 66th Street is not allowed to have open fires unless permission is granted by the Fire Chief or his/her designee. Copies of the Burn Ordinance can be found under the Ordinance link.

Please remember that burn permits are not issued on Air Quality Action Days. For more information visit The West Michigan Clean Air Coalition website.

Permits can be obtained by calling the Fire Station (616) 396-4060 or the Township Office (616) 335-3050 during regular business hours.

We’re Committed to Safety – Including Rental Units

RENTAL UNIT REGISTRATION INFORMATION – In February and March of 2020, Laketown Township adopted new rental unit registration requirements. The attached documents, will assist you through the process of registering your rental unit. If you have any questions, please call the Graafschap Fire Department office at 616-396-4060 or email:

Rental Unit Ordinance Amendment

Rental Unit Registration Application

Rental Inspection

Rental Fee Schedule

U.S. Fire Administration

National Fire Protection Association