Huyser House demolition costs under budget

Parks commission continuing beach task force work.
Parks commission continuing beach task force work.
The crew from Specialized Demolition of Hamilton begin demolishing the Huyser House, 4158 64th St., on Monday morning, June 3, 2024.

The bill for the Huyser House demolition came in almost $4,000 under budget.

The Laketown Township Parks and Recreation Commission on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, unanimously approved paying $26,000 to Specialized Demolition Inc. of Hamilton, for the work that began June 3 and finished June 6.

The bid for demolition was $29,845.

Besides $18,000 for knocking down the house and removing the debris, the costs included $500 for abandoning the well, $3,000 for sand backfill, $1,845 for topsoil and $500 for seed and straw.

The basement at the Huyser House, 4158 64th St., on Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2024. Note the duct work, coverings and seams that were part of the demolition costs.


The work on asbestos abatement, included in the overall cost, also came in under budget. The asbestos work was budgeted for $5,000 but came in at $2,155.

Insulation Services Inc. performed the asbestos removal of 60 feet of material on metal ducts with less than 15 feet of asbestos tape on the seams.

“All abatement was done with licensed personnel properly trained and licensed in the State of Michigan,” Rickard Owen of Insulation Services wrote in the report.

The bid also included $1,000 for septic abandonment, but none of that money was spent because no septic tank was found on the property, “just a rusted-out barrel at the end of the pipes, which we removed,” according to an email from Specialized Demolition to Brad Laninga, chairperson of the parks commission. “We had Busscher septic out there with us looking for a tank.”

The Huyser House, 4158 64th St., immediately before demolition on Monday, June 3, 2024. This is the last photo of the house before it was demolished. No other photos were taken before the teardown.

House history

The 1939 house of Manuel and Lilah Huyser came with the donation of the 102 acres that make up Huyser Farm Park at the corner of 142nd Avenue and 64th Street. Since the township acquired the land in 2001, the house has been empty, and the parks commission was not able to settle on a use for the home.

A special committee in December 2022 concluded the house should be torn down.

The parks commission has discussed putting up a plaque, picnic area or other type of recognition at the house site. Commissioner Karen Simmons suggested moving the plaque at the gazebo near the park entrance to the site of the former house.

Other business

In other business, the commission:

  • Agreed to get the roof of the pavilion at Wolters Woods Park, 6281 147th Ave., inspected and trees trimmed around the playground. The commission will also look into replenishing the bark around the playground.
  • Was informed the Beach Access and Beach Parking task forces are meeting. Commissioner Anne Brand, leader of the Beach Access group, said she hopes to have recommendations within 6 months. The committees were set up in March to look at beach issues including parking, stairs, overall access and beach ecology. Commissioner Tom Hoekman is leading the Beach Parking committee.