Outdoor Discovery Center, Laketown announce parks programs

Laketown Township and the Outdoor Discovery Center announced programs for the upcoming year.
Leighton Hensley, 5, left, and Reid Hensley, 7, use a net to find aquatic life at Laketown Township’s Farview Park, 6257 138th Ave., on Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2022, as part of a program with the Outdoor Discovery Center.

Almost a hundred people participated in programs at Laketown Township parks in 2022 through the Outdoor Discovery Center. Community events at the township parks are already underway for this year as well.

Laketown Township and the Outdoor Discovery Center, A-4114 56th St., work together for events for all ages that include nature walks, searches for amphibians, insects and aquatic life, programs about blueberries and hikes to discover tastes, touches, smells and views among Lake Michigan dunes.

“Our partnership with the Outdoor Discovery Center is a great way to involve the community in the township parks. Participants can have fun while learning about wildflowers, frogs, blueberries and so much more,” said Laketown Township Parks and Recreation Commission Chair Tom Shuff.

Last year’s programs

In 2022, the township and Outdoor Discovery Center, a non-profit outdoor education group, partnered for six events for April through September. An October night hike was canceled when no one signed up.

Ninety-seven people participated in the 2022 programs, according to numbers released by the Outdoor Discovery Center earlier this month. Some of those people participated in multiple programs.

Events included a woodland walk at Sanctuary Woods, 4750 66th St., frog catching at Farview, 6257 138th Ave., exploration at Wolters Woods, 6281 147th Ave., blueberry picking ay Huyser Farm, 4188 64th St., and sensory exploration at Shore Acres, 6602 138th Ave.

This year’s events

The Outdoor Discovery Center also announced its 2023 programs in partnership with Laketown Township.

The Superb Owl Prowl already took place Feb. 10 at Sanctuary Woods. Upcoming events include:

Laketown Township and the Outdoor Discovery Center announced programs for the upcoming year.
Analiese Schmitt of the Outdoor Discovery Center talks to participants in the Sept. 6, 2022, program “Explore with Your Senses” at Shore Acres Township Park, 6602 138th Ave. in Laketown Township.
  • Woodland Wildflower Walk, April 25, at Sanctuary Woods;
  • Frog Catching, May 22, at Farview Park;
  • Little Explorers, June 13, at Wolters Woods;
  • Blueberry Fields Forever, July 26, at Huyser Farm;
  • Frog Catching, Aug. 24, at Farview;
  • Explore with Your Senses, Sept. 7, at Shore Acres;
  • Night Hike, Oct. 6, Huyser Farm.

Events are free. Some require registration. For more information, visit Outdoordiscovery.org.

Laketown Township parks also offer other activities including pickleball at Township Hall Park, 4338 Beeline Road, disc golf at Shore Acres, swimming at Laketown Beach, 6710 142nd Ave., and walking and bicycling on the township’s multiuse paths.

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