Primary voters support Biden, Trump

Laketown has second-highest turnout percentage in Allegan County.

Voters in Laketown Township supported Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump in Tuesday’s Presidential Primary, according to the numbers released by the Allegan County Clerk’s Office.

Of the 5,463 registered voters in the township, 1,806 turned out for a 33.1 percent participation rate. Of those voters, 173 – that’s 9.6 percent – took advantage of first-ever early in-person voting.

A total of 897 absentee ballots were returned out of 998 issued.

Overall Allegan County turnout was 23.51 percent. Of the 98,962 registered voters, 23,268 cast ballots.

Laketown Township had the second-highest participation rate in the county. The City of Saugatuck was top with a 36.10 percent participation rate with 304 of the city’s 842 registered voters participating.


In the Presidential Primary, voters chose either a Democratic or Republican ballot.

Of the 459 Democratic votes cast, 401, or 87.4 percent, were for Biden. Thirty-four were Uncommitted.

Of the 1,343 Republican votes cast, 748, or 55.7 percent, were for Trump. Nikki Haley received 520 votes, or 38.7 percent, of the votes. Uncommitted received 43 votes.

Future voting

There are more elections coming up this year:

  • May 7: At this point, eligible Laketown Township voters in the Hamilton Community School District will be voting on a millage proposal.
  • Aug. 6: All eligible township residents can vote in the general primary election.
  • Nov. 5: All eligible township residents can vote in the general election for local, state and federal offices, including president.

For more information on election issues, call the Laketown Township clerk at (616) 335-3050, visit the township website or the state website.