15 winners chosen out of 27 applicants for Huyser Farm archery hunt

Hunting is Oct. 1-Nov. 14 and Dec. 1-31.
Signs let visitors to Huyser Farm Park know when hunting is taking place.

Laketown Township has chosen the winners for the Laketown Township Archery Deer Hunting Program at Huyser Farm Park, 4188 64th St. The 15 winners have been contacted. Each participant will get about a two-week period to hunt.

The hunt is Oct. 1 through Nov. 14 then Dec. 1-31.

Applications were submitted by Sept. 15. A lottery drawing from the 27 applicants was used to select the 15 hunters.

Rules and regulations

Hunters agree to comply with the rules and regulations of the hunt, including:

Only archery deer hunting is allowed; No other game may be hunted; Only hunters with park-issued permits may hunt during the specific time period authorized on their permit; No trespassing on adjoining properties; Baiting deer is not allowed; No cutting of trees or branches to create shooting lanes; Tree stands and blinds may be left in place for the length of the season but may not be installed in advance and must be removed promptly by the last day the hunter is authorized to hunt; Only one tree stand is allowed per hunter and blinds must display the hunter’s name and address in a manner clearly visible from the ground;

No use of off-road vehicles; No target practice; Must maintain a 30-yard distance from any property line; Must maintain a 150-yard distance from any building; All participants must comply with all Michigan Department of Natural Resources rules and regulations unless the Laketown Township rules and regulations are more restrictive; Any person under 18 must be accompanied by an adult; Each hunter, whether successful or not, will be required to fill out a questionnaire after the season.

Open during hunting

The park property will remain open for hiking, fishing and other recreational activities during the hunting times. Signs will be in place at the parking area notifying people that hunting is underway.

Huyser Farm Park is 102 acres with trails, diverse plants, dune area and organic blueberry fields. The original Huyser farmhouse remains on the property.

For more information, visit Laketowntwp.org or call (616) 335-3050.